Our mission is to power a modern-day reformation by exposing people to the past.

We started this resource because we believe the Puritans & Reformers are one of the most underrated writers in all of Christendom. Many people attempt to read these timeless works, but have a difficult time understanding the text. We want to help.

Unlike modern “Christian” authors, the Puritans & Reformers went deep into Scripture, unpacking the Word in extreme detail. They truly believed in Sola Scriptura. We are inspired by their work, and hope to reintroduce today’s reader to these timeless classics in modern and updated English.

We use a combination of computer algorithms and human review to update these works. If you ever have feedback on an updated passage, please tweet at us. We hope you enjoy this resource and may God bless you as you dive into these works.

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This resource is volunteer-run and self-funded by book sales. All book sale profits are used to move the Kingdom forward.

We'd appreciate any support if you feel led. Specifically, please buy a physical copy of a book. All proceeds fund website administration expenses (which we keep very low) or go towards translating more books!